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First off, I'd like to personally thank you all for participating in my little experiment. I think it's only fair to explain what the premise behind it was, my thinking etc. I know people do a lot for "likes" on FaceBook so I want to clarify my reasoning behind this.

For a couple months now, I've been uploading Action Star Hero pictures (better known as A.S.H.) rather frequently. For a while there, I had one going every week. I'd post them for you all to see, just to see the direction I was headed, things I was trying to do, blah, blah, blah. Week after week, I would get the same feedback, meaning I wasn't getting enough remarks to know what I should and should not do with my character. It got to the point that I started making other characters just to try and keep myself going. To sum it up, though I enjoy making A.S.H. pictures, I was running out of things to do and these pictures started becoming to easy. The poses were simple enough that I could make it in 3 hours top, while before it would take 6-7 hours.
Now, at the same time, I won't lie, I began getting frustrated because it seemed that though I was devoting so much time to my art, it was over looked. Yes, I do do this for myself, but at the same time, art is meant to be viewed. But it wasn't that which frustrated me. It was the fact that pictures with 40+ likes and 50+ comments were typical, self shot candids. These pictures take like, what, 10 minutes at max, to shoot? Many of them were over sexualized and served no purpose but to "show off" or flaunt their bodies. From your standard "guy with shirt off" to "girl with push up bra" candid, they reach 50+ while the picture I just spent 6 hours on would reach 5.
I knew going into "Lost In My Mind" that this picture would dwarf any other A.S.H. picture I made due to the time, energy, planning and execution of the piece but I still went ahead with it, for I wanted to challenge myself.  Upon completion of my piece, I reflected on this idea and decided to see how much of this principle was true.

My thinking goes something like this. People within our generation want instant gratification. Many don't understand nor want to understand the amount of effort and work something takes, but the product. But if I could get enough views within the first hour of my posting, then there was a chance that this picture could get enough likes/views to rival you stereotypical candid shot. I honestly believed that I was going to get 8 likes, the average I've gotten on my A.S.H. pictures. With that idea in mind, I wanted to see if it could be proven wrong. So I set up my experiment.

The test was simple. My friends had 5 hours to get "Lost In My Mind" to 30+ likes. No comments needed. No sharing necessary. Just a like to say "Hey, I saw what you did and it's not bad."

My results came back in an interesting manner. The data is below.
Hour 1: 18 likes - 5 from my music page
Hour 2: 6 likes
Hour 3: 5 likes
Hour 4: 2 likes -Target met combined w/ music page
Hour 5: 1 like

Honestly, I' kind of baffled at how many people participated.  I did not see that coming in the slightest, especially because many didn't even know I was the person making all of those drawings I posted. I guess I was right and wrong at the same time. Wrong, because I did get 30+ likes in five hours (31 to be exact so just made it). Right, because if I didn't include my music page I would be 3 likes short. But that's neither here nor there. I guess I was wrong. But the most interesting thing is I don't know if anyone would have paid this picture any mind if I didn't make it into a social experiment. I don't know if people would really understand the amount of effort and work I put into this unless I made this post. I mean this has been in the works for at least three weeks and I had to do a bunch of sketches to get it right before I even entered it into the computer. ( ) I doubt this would have any sort of impact at all but these pictures I made, the articles people write, the poems that get posted, the songs we release... they take a lot of time and effort and the fact we give it out for your enjoyment, it's speaks volumes. I'm not saying view and comment on every single piece of art you see. I just understand how artists of all kinda feel. A lot of us will not be able to do this for a living. I know that once college is up, there's a good chance I won't be able to work on A.S.H. like I would like to. There's a good chance I'll have to give him up along with the ideas I had for him due to my profession taking to much time away from leisure. So while there is still a chance, just give em a like, a comment, any feedback at all, so these artists, writers, musicians know they are valued.

I'm gonna get off my soap box now, but thank you for participating and checking out my picture. It means more than any of you guys would know.  Tres.


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“When I was growing up, I had to deal with a lot of issues by myself. Everything from acceptance to low self-esteem to depression. I've had a lot of dark moments in my life and the thing that got me through a lot of my problems was music. Yet, at times, they're wasn't the right song to convey the emotions I had inside. So making music for me was a form of release, like self therapy. So, now I make music for myself, but for others as well, hoping I can speak the words they couldn't utter and express the emotions they couldn't release. It's like what Albert Pine said 'What we do for ourselves dies with us. What we do for others remains and is immortal.“



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